Friday, September 9, 2011

Kev's Lunch Today: Headless BK

In geek speak, "headless" refers to a command-line-only server OS.  For instance, if I installed Red Hat without the Gnome or KDE components -- it might be referred to as "headless", running in init level / runlevel 3.  I'm a big fan of the term "headless" and I have used it for years when referring to the basics of a certain product - such as a burger without the fluffy bun.  Today is no exception.

So since I work walking distance from Burger King, I expended the energy to "exercise" across the parking lot to get a Double Stack.  Large fries too.  I removed the bun and salvaged what I could of the cheese... but I ate the entire burger, bacon, sauce, and most of the fries.  If this 30 day experiment is going to show any changes, I'm not going to trick it into false results.  I'm going for the gusto.

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