Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kevin's Motivation

Late yesterday afternoon, I was looking for a new Kindle book.  I have never been a reader, but with the Kindle -- I find myself actually enjoying it!!  So I did a search on Amazon for "self help" books.  Previous books I've enjoyed revolved around entrepreneurial motivation, team-building, Christian motivation, or financial management.  I'll save Twilight and other dreamy novels for the big screen.

So I saw the "Wheat Belly" book as a suggestion and barely gave it enough time to look at the synopsis.  I've got friends with nutty diets (literally and metaphorically) and I just never saw myself as "that guy".  Give me a burger on a giant bun.  That's the American way.

Within a few pages of this book, a few things started to "click".  I'm being very cautious not to get sucked in just because "I WANT TO BELIEVE" what it tells me.  The little amount of this book I've read tells me that certain triathletes (30+ %) are overweight... HOW!?  It's easy for me to relate to this book -- I don't eat a lot of sweets, nor do I load up on rich saucy pastas... so why am I always right about the same weight no matter if I eat small amounts or large... work out or not?  And yes, I've tested "eat less" and "exercise more" for long enough runs that I *should* have seen results better than what I did.

So this seems to click... and if this book is correct, this is the key.  I have committed that I WILL NOT make changes aside from wheat (and possibly soy).  I will continue to eat burgers (without the bun) -- and possibly two bunless burgers to fill me up as much as one bun-ful burger.  I will continue to drink mochas and eat candy / donuts as they appear in front of me.  I WILL NOT become that guy in the office who is 50 lbs overweight and still rejects a free donut:  "I'm losing weight".  No you're not -- you're depriving yourself of a Krispy Kreme in hopes that the one single act of neglecting sugar will fix your fat.  I won't be that guy.

SO this my or may not seem logical to you.  I honestly am not planning to sway the odds.  This is about wheat and I want to see what this one change can do -- which means Krispy Kreme and Starbuck's stay -- Wheaties go.

I begged my wife to read the book -- she got sucked in too.  And my plan is to go 30 days, then reevaluate the plan.  But 30 days should show SOMETHING... and if it doesn't, I'm exactly where I am now.


  1. I hate to point this out to you but donuts DO, in fact, have wheat in them.

  2. ARRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay -- Starbuck's stays, though. Need my mocha.