Thursday, September 15, 2011

Office Space and Buckeye Balls

Anyone who has seen Office Space instantly relates to the dialogue including "Corporate Accounts Nina Speaking, Just a moment" (and repeat)...  Being in a cubical farm is survivable, even with repetitively monotonous phrases.  This challenge for me, however, is to listen to the conversations at the bake sale.

The office set up a charity bake sale that's been going on since 9:30am or so.  53 feet from my desk, patrons approach to discuss how delicious the triple-fudge cupcakes were, or "how much is this cheesecake?!"  I can not only picture the food -- I can taste it in my brain.

So my wife and I are about a week into the "wheat free" lifestyle experiment for roughly 30 days.  It's hard to say if I will wake up on Monday 10/10/11 and instantly stuff my face with cupcakes, chicken nuggets, fried cheese, and macaroni noodles... all the good stuff I am already starting to miss.

But how can I sit here and not contribute to the research into that... awful... disease; whatever the cause may be?  I feel as if I owe it to myself to contribute by purchasing something.  The money goes to CHARITY, after all.  I just don't know which charity.

Buckeye balls.  They're essentially peanut butter, margarine, powered sugar, solidified oil (shortening), and chocolate.  With a smile on my face and chocolate on my lips, I'm proud to have helped the poor children plagued with... a disease.  Yes, a disease to which I contributed to help eradicate.

It IS possible to eat wheat-free.  It just takes a bit of planning.  I'm thinking that maybe I need to contribute a little more to that... cause...

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