Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weight Loss Realized

I'm not quite ready to talk openly about my weight -- not as a number at least.  Once I'm buff and 160, I'll share numbers -- but let's call it the heaviest I've ever been.  However, in the past I've noticed that no matter how hard I try -- working out casually or eating better... makes literally no difference in weight.  For the past year, I've been almost exactly where I am today.  I fluxuate + or - 5lbs, depending on the time of day.  So let's call it my "morning weight" vs "night weight".

When we started the wheat-free experiment, I was extremely apprehensive.  While I wanted to believe the claims in the book, I am naturally skeptical about miracle cures.  I'd rather be pleasantly surprised that it worked -- as opposed to being disappointed in the experiment (and myself) when it failed.

So I set out, determined to make NO OTHER changes in diet.  If I crave chocolate, I'll have some.  At the hotel in Atlanta, we ate candy bars from the machine.  Snickers and 3 Musketeers are both wheat-free, so they fit the craving without breaking the rules.  The point I'm making is that I've gone out of my way to not offset this change with potential false positives.

Let's spin back to week 1, specifically around day 4.  We both felt more awake and alive.  Since then, I've realized that I don't need nearly as much coffee.  Instead of a 2pm "uhghh" crash, I'm generally attentive and focused without much caffeine at that time.  But this weekend, we discussed that the one thing we really haven't seen -- weight loss.

So with great hesitation, I am happy to announce that I'm seeing a difference on the scales -- with no lifestyle adjustment aside from cutting out wheat completely.  We have continued to eat our carbs in other places -- pastas with other grains, but nothing containing wheat.

Last night, I was 2 lbs lighter on the scale than my typical "night weight" -- and this morning, another 2 lbs lighter than my typical "morning weight".  I have not seen this number in a long time, even though it's only 2 lbs.    As my weight fluctuates, I made sure to hold off on my celebration until it dropped well below the "flex" threshold.

I now believe this is doing something to my weight.  I plan to report back on weight in a week with continued results.  For now -- 2 weeks and 2 lbs for Kev.

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